Sunday, August 17, 2008

Commitment and Faithfulness

Two weeks ago I officiated/celebrated my first wedding which happened to be the wedding of my cousin Andrew and now cousin-in-law Kate. I was honored to be asked to celebrate the wedding, it was a joyous occasion on many accounts. I found it exciting and pure joy to see my cousin and his fiance get married. At the same time, on a more personal level, I found much joy and excitement, and yes some nervousness in celebrating a wedding for the first time. In addition, this was the first time some of my extended family saw me function in an official Church role, outside all the festivities of my ordination weekend a few months ago; and so yes that was equally neat in its own way.

While I, my cousin and new cousin-in-law have begun to live out our vocations it reinforced in me the level of commitment needed to live out one's vocation. Beyond all the glitz and glam of any big event marking the beginning of one's vocation, what will endure is the faithfulness and commitment which is necessary to live out the vocation one chooses. There are no magic wands that can make anyone's vocation "just happen" day-to-day; rather, there are choices we must make everyday to make our vocations as strong and committed as possible.

It is through my commitment and faithfulness to the priesthood that I can be an instrument of God's grace, a leader of prayer, guide, and other things that help to bring about the Kingdom on earth. So it is in marriage, it is only through commitment and faithfulness to the marriage covenant that a couple can continue to be a living image of God's love for humanity in this world.

Loving and gracious God, send your graces upon your people and increase our faithfulness to the vocations which we live so that in our faithfulness we may be beacons of your light, love, mercy on earth. Amen.

Friday, August 1, 2008

While you wait...

Greetings! Yes, I know I've been a bit behind with a new post. Don't worry a new one will be coming soon, perhaps early part of next week. I've been somewhat busy with various parish activities and preparing for my first wedding on Saturday, my cousin Andrew and fiance Katie. And Sunday I'll be at The FEST for a good chunk of the day, so in the mean time check out these sites:

The FEST - Takes place this Sunday, August 3rd from 12noon-10pm:

St. Mary Seminary (our major seminary/theologate in Cleveland):

Borromeo Seminary (undergrad seminary in Cleveland):

Vocation site for the Diocese of Cleveland:

Enjoy & God Bless!!!